Climate Change Stories

Climate Change is affecting Pacific islands in many ways; drought, sea-level rise, storms and higher temperatures have all been witnessed by the crew.


The Mua voyage provided a voice for often unheard stories, direct from the people affected. Stories were told by all ages of the impacts they had witnessed from climate change; from 18 year olds through to 70 year olds. Islands in the Pacific are vanishing and the need to protect them is urgent and real.

As with many other countries already affected by climate change, Pacific islands contribute little to climate change. It’s estimated that they produce less than 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but have been among the first to witness it’s impacts. Well reported are the struggles affecting Kiribas, a low lying island nation, whose communities are preparing to leave their islands, as they get swallowed up by sea level rise. Among other problems affecting Pacific Islands are drought, extreme rainfall, ocean acidification, tropical storms and temperature variability.